What’s In… What’s out.. 12-28-, The Deep freeze,Markle rocks, The Powermungers and Big Pharma….


What’s in…What’s out….


What’s in….

Freezing cold temperatures…have blanketed the Northeast…make sure you take all the safety measures to stay safe. Bundle up your little ones and check on your senior family members and neighbors. Run your faucets a little to prevent freezing pipes. And if needed, there are plenty of community warming centers in each city. Stay warm and be safe!

Bumper cars galore! ….If you remember Rocky Point Park bumper cars, then you probably will get a jolt out of the new bumper car rentals at the Alex and Ani skating ring in Providence….Mayor Elorza was quoted as saying,“ This is the best thing we done”…… I’m glad he’s excited and wish the new venture well but let’s face it 2018 will be a bumpy ride in Providence.

Congratulations to new Council President David Salvatore on his new position! Here’s hoping for an open honest transparent council who listens to the community on a daily basis. That’s all the people really want is to be heard and respected. Kudos to outgoing former Council President Sabina Matos for her graceful transition.

Meghan Markle rocks…She has broken all the Royal guidelines and has shown that you don’t have to have royal blood to be a “ Royal”. She tamed Harry who was always considered the wild boy of the Royal family and for that the Queen must be grateful. Here’s looking forward to a beautiful May wedding!

The Skyline New Years Eve Party!…Will rock Providence on New year eve with a dropping ball from our beloved Superman building! There are many efforts to demolish the Superman Building, but many of us co sister it to be part of Providence’s history and want it to stay! Our Waterplace Park will be the backdrop for the ball drop! Let’s hope they find a way to televise this for those at home!

…..In 1971 President Nixon declared war on Cancer…Here we are in 2017 and we still haven’t even won a battle, let alone a war! To the congressman who worry about taking your big donations from “big Pharma”or the “insurers”who won’t pay for “pet scans”,diagnostic tests and certain medications, I won’t be voting for you! I will check every elected official who takes money from these “parasites” who call themselves lobbyist and vote against them! Our family and loved ones are suffering people. Please wake up and vote against those who are keeping these parasites in business! Only then will we begin to see a change in our health system, if we stand against the elected officials who stop change!

It’s coming! I feel it!

The Me too movement! …many have admirably stood up and identified their sexual harassers in the Me too movement and I commend them for it. These were brave individuals who had the guts to accept the consequences for outing their abusers. To those who remain silent and won’t disclose names, I say that is your choice. But don’t expect to be a heroine or example to the millions of young girls watching. You are covering up for a reason! It’s ironic the same who remain silent want disclosure from everyone else but themselves.

Pay Equity and Work Equity…2018 coming and I see no change in our pay Equity and work equality system. How many of you women have had a great job and been let go because your boss didn’t like your political views or who you supported? How many of you have been let go because you knew your boss had a romantic thing with a co-worker and she didn’t like you? How many of you have spoken up and saw an injustice in the way you were treated and were let go? There are many jobs that have no protection or union agents to protect you from this injustice. While everyone is concentrating on the sexual harassment issues, let’s not forget the other underlying problem that exists in employment. That is the power of some individuals to punish you for your beliefs and your voice. And that my friends is a true injustice. Time to out these “ powermongers “and end the cycle of injustice. Are you ready? Let 2018 be the start of change!