Prayer to Mary




During this period of the Fatima Centennial, it’s a good time to intoduce everyone to the powers of the Blessed Virgin… Pray this beautiful prayer to the Blessed Mother, ask for her intercession and she will not fail you.

Say it three times a day for three days, and promise to publish. Believe in miracles!

Oh most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God,

Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me here you are my mother.

Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech Thee from the bottom of my heart to secure me in my necessity.

(Make your request)

There are none that can withstand your power.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee. (repeat three times)
Holy Mary, I place this cause in Your hands.(repeat three times)

Finish with nine Hail, Mary’s.
May God bless you and may your prayers be answered!


Easter’s Past



Easter’s Past

Past memories of Easter Sunday leave me wishing for the good old days. Growing up in an Italian American Catholic family, Easter Sunday was an important day for my family.

In fact, the whole week before Easter Sunday was observed to celebrate the customs of my heritage and religion.

Going to a catholic school also had a lot to do with it.  St. Bartholomew’s Grammar school on Laurel Hill Avenue in Providence was the foundation of my Catholic education. Thinking back to Holy Week, I can remember going to confession in school on Holy Thursday and praying the “stations of the cross.” Good Friday was always a half day off school and mass was a must with a moment of silence at 3:00 PM, which was the time Jesus died on the cross.

At home that week, the food preparations would begin. During the week, my mom, grandmother and aunt would cook all the Italian favorites.

We all lived near each other, that was the way it was.  Grandma would be busy baking her famous Easter sweet bread and rice pie (Pastiere,). My Aunt Jean would be making her Italian cheese pie and Easter Ham. My mom would be making her stuffed Ricotta shells with meatballs, doughboys and ricotta pie. Fruit ambrosia also was a must with pastel marshmallows for Easter.

Our family observed Easter morning by going to church. I can still remember the smell of beautiful lilies in the church, as they adorned the altar. It was a memory that I will never forget.

We dressed all up in those days, wearing our new Easter outfits and always a straw hat. The church was packed, not a seat to be found. Some people would have to stand. After mass, we would all greet each other outside and wish each other a Happy Easter.

Our family tradition was to have an Easter brunch at my Aunt Jean’s house (who lived behind us) with my grandparents and cousins. The menu was better than any restaurant I have ever been to.  Antipasto, Easter Ham baked with fresh pineapple, homemade gnocchi, sausage and egg frittatas, homemade sweet bread, Italian meatballs in raisin sauce, fresh Doughboys with butter and sugar, and of course all the Homemade Italian deserts.

Grandpa always had his homemade wine on the table for the adults and we kids were allowed to drink punch. What a day full of love and memories. We were all given chocolate Easter bunnies and Easter baskets which my mom placed on the kitchen table before we got up on Sunday morning.

Th best thing about Easter week was that we spent our time together as a family.  Whether it be helping Grandma make bread, or mom stuff the Ricotta shells, we did it together. Our family has grown up with a history of wonderful family traditions and memories which we still practice today. That was the true meaning of Easter for me.

Gone are our beloved family members, my parents, my sister, grandparents, aunts and uncles but here are a new generation of children to be taught to preserve the past but pave the way for the future. Our hearts and love will continue to remember our loved ones through the traditions they taught us. We will honor them by preserving their memory in celebrating this Easter Sunday.

I wish you and your family a blessed Easter Sunday filled with love and happiness. May you remember your love ones and keep them in your heart  as we observe the true meaning of Easter.

What’s in…What’s out this week? 3-2 ..Paw sox, ethics, cancer and more…

What’s in…What’s out…




What’s in…

Speed cameras are in……Providence is adding an additional
Six new school zone speed cameras in addition to the five speed cameras already in place in various neighborhoods.
12,000 spending tickets have been given out during the first 33 days of the new school speed zone program. Nearly all the 12,193 tickets were generated from five speeding cameras in place between January 16th and February 22nd with the most coming from the Mt. Pleasant avenue camera with a total of 4,795 tickets. Other locations are on Charles street, Thurber’s Avenue, Daniel avenue and Peace street.
The Providence city council voted last May to install 15 speeding cameras at various neighborhood school locations within a quarter mile to the schools. The price of the ticket is $95.00 and you receive the notice in the mail with a picture and the fine.
The RI General Assembly passed a law in 2016 allowing the city to set up the cameras in a school zone. City officials call it a public safety measure, while vocal opponents are calling it a money grab for city revenue. These school zone cameras are in addition to the traffic light cameras that are already all over the city of Providence. So when you drive through Providence, remember to drive slowly and smile, you’re on candid camera.


Paw Sox Poll Commissioned by the Build RI Labor/Management Partnerships.…This poll done by Labor states that 56% of Rhode Islanders support a funding plan to keep the PawSox in Pawtucket. The battle continues to win support for the $83 million funding plan. No one knows where this will end up. Will it pass election year or will it be held for further study? Time will tell, but time is running out for the PawSox and Worcester May be on their shopping list.

Ethics committee finds no cause in Republicans ethics charge against
Governor Raimondo.. In a surprising ruling, the Ethic Committee will not take up an ethics charge filed by GOP chairman Brandon Bell against Governor Raimondo. This complaint came after the hiring of former Providence city chairman Patrick Ward in the Department of Human Services and after the negotiations concerning a fundraising agreement between the Providence city committee and the Governor’s campaign.The Ethics Committee has said that Ward is not a direct employee of the Governor’s staff and therefore there is no conflict.


What’s out….


Nor’easter storm…rain with mixed snow…Tell us it isn’t so! We were hoping for spring, but Friday is set to bring high winds, rain, possible sleet and snow and flooding. So stock up on bread, milk and hot chocolate.
Hopefully we won’t lose Power but be safe and don’t forget the flashlights!

Cancer, lymphoma and blood diseases..In 1971 Richard Nixon declared war on Cancer and here we are in 2018….and its still here and more prevalent than ever. We have lost so many children and loved ones to these diseases but yet we continue to hope for cures. Meanwhile Big pharma continues to rip off the sick by charging big amounts for prescription drugs and health insurers refuse to pay for pet scans to diagnose our most vulnerable. I go on record saying I will not vote for anyone who takes donations from lobbyists representing Big Pharma or Health insurers who put our loved ones a at risk . I will check every campaign report to see where the candidates get their money and if they get it from these unscrupulous companies, they will not get my vote. I may be one person but there is strength in numbers. We will never change things without taking a stand. I buried my dear sister Jean two weeks ago after she battled an illness where some of her prescriptions were $500to $600 dollars a month. There is no reason for it. Also we lost a long Neighborhood activist in Mt.Pleasant to cancer, Peter Pringle. He fought a battle too against an illness which should have a cure by now.
Our family and our friends need us to remember them by fighting for what’s important. We need elected officials to fight for our most vulnerable, the sick, the needy and the helpless. Remember that when you vote this year. I intend to.489B9000-B8BE-4BFD-BBDE-D035AA7E3ECD

What’s in….What’s out…2-23-18



What’s in… What’s out…


What’s in…

USA Women’s Olympic Hockey Team! … Congratulations to the Olympic USA Women’s Hockey team for winning the Gold Medal after 20 years… In a stunning upset over Canada in a 3-2 shootout, the USA Women’s Hockey team did us proud winning the gold. What a proud moment for the USA and for the team!

Senator Nicholas Kettle resigns…… In a letter to Senate members, Senator Kettle resigned on Thursday, criticizing Senate leaders “ for not understanding the importance of due process as the cornerstone of our legal system “. In an unprecedented move, Senate leaders were planning to introduce bipartisan legislation to remove the Senate’s minority whip from office. Senator Kettle was arrested last week on allegations of video voyeurism and allegedly extorting a male page for sex. Still pending is a trial and Kettle’s day in court but the Senate had chosen to act swiftly before trial. This move would have created a new precedent in the General Assembly. Regardless of anyone’s beliefs on this subject, we can all agree that these are difficult times for General Assembly members as they weigh serious allegations and innuendos.

Providence legislation will include a bond issue to approve $250 million for school infrastructure repairs. The city of Providence will ask the General Assembly to approve a much needed bond issue to improve city schools. The schools are in disrepair and have been needing improvements for years. How can we expect our children to learn in dilapidated environments? School environmental safety is an issue in many of our crumbling schools and needs to be addressed before we expect our lower performing schools to achieve their goals.


What’s out…

The Dunkin Donuts Center or “The Dunk” was ruled as having unsafe conditions to play on Wednesday night… Wednesday night the Providence College versus Seton Hall basketball game had to be suspended due to unsafe playing conditions. The basketball floor repeatedly kept getting wet causing slippery conditions, and a Seton Hall player was injured when he fell because of the slippery floor. The Dunk Center blamed it on unseasonably warm temperatures causing moisture in the wood floor which covers the existing ice rink. This is a shame. Our Providence Civic Center was a state-of-the-art center in the 1970’s when we hosted many entertainers, sports events, ice competitions, and entertainment for all of RI to enjoy.

Let’s start to take better care of the facilities we already have in this state, instead of investing our money in new ventures. State and local leaders need to invest in maintaining and upgrading the facilities that need our help to keep operating that are already here. Let’s not forget the thousands of Rhode Islanders over the years who received enjoyment from The Dunk and work together to make it a showplace, not an embarrassment.

Kiwi fruit causes allergic reaction… 34 students in several school districts had an allergic reaction to kiwi fruit served in schools last week. Some were sent to the hospital with allergic reactions of hives, swelling of lips and tongue and itching. Some had to receive epi-pen injections, etc. This didn’t happen in one district, but in schools located in Providence, Woonsocket, Cumberland, East Providence and Pawtucket. The children were treated and the symptoms subsided, but the cause still isn’t known. When I saw this, I wondered, “why are they serving kiwi”? What ever happened to apples and oranges? I never remember seeing exotic fruit in school as a kid. Do kids know how to eat this? Were they peeled, or did the kids bite right into the skin and flesh at the same time? And let’s face it, once you peel a kiwi you’re left with a very small amount of sweet fruit to eat. Especially because we still don’t know – despite attempts to find out – what caused allergic reactions – let’s stick to the basics and be safe. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Just saying…

What’s in…whats out 2-16? Olympics, Florida’s hero,911 crisis and more…



What’s in…What’s out…

What’s in….

The Olympics….The Olympic cauldron burns strong in Pyeongchang County, South Korea as the 2018 Winter Olympic Games begin.. Taking place in a beautiful backdrop of winter scenes, the Olympics will be held till February 25th. Congratulations to Mikaela Shifrin for winning the first US gold for the giant slalom. So get the hot chocolate and popcorn ready, there is more to come!

Lillian Calderon, the wife and mother who has been in the custody of immigration officials for almost a month was allowed home to her family Tuesday. Her attorney said the lawsuit opposing her deportation must still be resolved but officials in Massachusetts decided to release her because of a motion made by her attorney.

Heroes amongst us….Aaron Feis, a popular wrestling coach and athletic director at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Schook In Parkland, Fla. was a hero in Wednesday’s mass shooting at the Florida high school. He used his body to shield students from the line of fire and was fatally injured. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and all the victims and families affected in this horrific tragedy.

What’s out….

911 In crisis…… NBC 10 has learned that the 911 emergency call center is severely understaffed with some callers waiting up to 2 minutes and 47 seconds on hold while they waited for someone to come back on line. This is outrageous! Rep. Bob Lancia visited during the evening shift when only four workers were working even though there is a minimum staffing level of eight in past years. Rep. Lancia alerted the public about what he saw and has heard from workers at 911.
NBC 10 I-Team reviewed stats from the RI State Police showing that 20,833 calls were put on hold during 2017. This is outrageous! This is an emergency call system that the public depends on. Kudos to Rep. Lancia for staying on top of this and let’s hope the matter is investigated and fully exposed. Monies collected from 911 fees have been diverted in to the General fund instead of the 911budget. The FCC has warned the State of RI that is not acceptable and to stop doing that. Ten million dollars has been diverted into the General Fund. This is a fiasco and a terrible public safety hazard. Lives could be lost in minutes. It could be any one of us that needs that service and it should be available within seconds.

Another school shooting..The horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida on St. Valentine’s day/Ash Wednesday has left us all heartsick and upset. Teachers, students and school workers should be safe at all times. The violence and the murder of innocent lives has gone on too long.
Everyone needs to work together to change school policies, change laws and increased security at our schools. The way things are going, it won’t be long before armed guards are at our schools as well as metal detectors.
Whatever it takes to protect our kids is a must.

Killer notoriety…..Nikolas Cruz brutally murdered 17 innocent people and we keep seeing his picture everywhere on television, social media and in the newspapers. It is time to stop giving these killers and assassins the publicity they crave and so enjoy. Instead let us focus on our victims and families as we pray for them and remember their lives and stories. It’s time to stop making these killers celebrities and famous.







What’s in…What’s out…1-26-18


What’s in…what’s out…this week…


What’s in….


The verdict is in…..A Providence Elementary school principal has been found guilty of failing to report to the RI Department of Children, Youth and Families a complaint by students of inappropriate touching by a gym teacher at the Harry Kizirian Elementary school. Violet LeMar, was convicted Monday of a single misdemeanor charge after a bench trial before District Court James Caruolo. She was sentenced to probation and community service in a sexual abuse facility. LeMar had said that she was not familiar with the law enacted in 2016 which requires reporting incidents of abuse to DCYF. She is the first to be found guilty since the law was passed. This decision certainly changes the way the school systems throughout the state will develop policy regarding sexual and physical abuse in the schools. Teachers and principals will have to be informed and educated about the laws regarding these matters, something that should have been done when the law was passed.

The Patriots are in….The New England Patriots are on their way to the Super Bowl. Kudos to Tom Brady, Danny Amendola and the entire team who rocked New England Sunday night. It was another nail biter but they pulled it through. Special thoughts go out to “The Gronk” who suffered a concussion and missed the rest of the game. Here’s hoping he’s okay to play in the Super Bowl.Go Pats!

In a recent Quinnipiac University National poll, 84 percent of voters say that the recent government shut down was not necessary while only 13% found it “mainly necessary”. The feelings were shared by both parties, with 89% of Republicans and 78% of Democrats saying it was not necessary to shut down government. This means the people are paying attention and will remember in November!

What’s out…

The Senate Paw Sox bill D.O.A. In the House according to the speaker. The Speaker has stated that amendments are needed to make the bill better. A meeting in Speaker Matiello’s District had a turnout of about 60 people but it was invitation only. The speaker has said he wants the PawSox to hold open meetings throughout Rhode Island to let all the people voice their concerns. My guess is that the House will conduct Finance Committee hearings and come up with their own version of a bill with less obligation to the taxpayer. If not, the proposal will be back next year with limited time for review.


Larry Nassar, the former Olympic sports doctor, received his sentence of 40 to 75 years for sexually assaulting Olympic gymnasts. Over 150 women and girls have testified in court about being molested by Nassar. Showing no remorse, Nassar accused the presiding Judge of being too hard on him by letting all the victims testify. Nassar molested some of these girls when they were children and continually abused them. There is a special place in Hell for him and those like him.
These girls and women were brave and that is the true meaning of the “Me too” movement. Real courage is being brave enough to tell your story and expose the abuser so he cannot abuse again.


Candid cameras… smile you’re on candid camera…If you go through the City of Providence, you are already familiar with the red light cameras at certain intersections. We also have seen the addition of police body cameras. Now in the hopper Is the proposal for cameras for speed detection in 15 areas in Providence. One council person has also proposed cameras for schools to be used as a form of surveillance. The use of public cameras has become a way of surveillance in roads, highways and intersections. One could argue that it simply is really to generate more revenue to a city which is distressed. But cameras have begun to shed the light on traffic violators and can be a crime deterrent.
Like it or not the cameras are growing in volume and are here to stay.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month!

IMG_0690.jpg(January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month)


It’s hard to believe that it has already been nine years since the General Assembly passed laws to ban human trafficking and indoor prostitution.  Many people do not know the history of these two bills and just how important they are to Rhode Island.  It seems to be an all too common occurrence now, as we watch newscasts where sex predators are trafficking underage girls here for prostitution.  It’s hard to believe that our little state continues to be a haven for sex trafficking.

In 2007, I introduced the first piece of legislation in the House of Representatives to ban Human Trafficking.  This bill was in response to young girls being brought here to work in Asian message parlors.  They were promised lives of good fortune, careers and bright futures, but instead they were forced to live in one room cooking on sternos and sleeping on mattresses on the floor. Living conditions were deplorable. Pimps and managers was making a great deal of money on the backs of these young girls.

The first bill to ban Human Trafficking passed the House of Representatives but failed to  pass in  the Senate. I also filed a bill to ban indoor prostitution which met great opposition in the General Assembly.  I was accused of trying to stop women from making a living and targeting women unfairly.  That was never my intent. My intent was to stop a growing cancer I saw coming called sex trafficking which was targeting our young girls and young men right here in Rhode Island.

Within that year, more media coverage exposed the living conditions of these girls.  Many could not speak English and when interviewed by police, they were afraid to tell their stories. More and more massage parlors were popping up around the state.

At that time, no one really wanted to believe that Human Trafficking existed in our state. Along with the trafficking of young women came the act of prostitution.  The two acts usually go hand in hand.

Young girls are trafficked to places where they are forced into prostitution.  They are usually runaways, abused and homeless underage adolescents who are seeking a better life.  What they get in return for their services is a life of misery, sexual and physical abuse, disease and sometimes even death.Rhode Island was a safe haven for pimps, johns and sexual predators because of a loophole in the prostitution law.  And we were the only state to have this loophole and word quickly spread.

In 2008, we passed the first Human trafficking bill in the General Assembly to ban Human Trafficking in Rhode Island. But while that passage was hailed as an accomplishment, I found out that without a law to ban indoor prostitution, the human trafficking law was hard to enforce. Prostitution indoors was legal and only illegal outdoors due to a rewrite of the prostitution laws in the 1980’s which focused on outside solicitation of prostitution and did not give reference to prostitution indoors.

It was two days before Thanksgiving in 2008 when I received a telephone call from then Superintendent Brendan Doherty telling me how much we needed the indoor prostitution bill in order to enforce the Human Trafficking bill. Along with that telephone call, came a tremendous amount of support for passage of the bill from Colonel Doherty, Governor Donald Carcieri and  various law enforcement agencies.

Colonel McCartney of Warwick also was very supportive and told of the “Craigslist killer” coming to a Warwick hotel in an attempted plot against a massage therapist.  The State Police and Warwick Police testified at committee meetings, attended press conferences and verified what we knew all along. Sex trafficking in Rhode Island was growing because of the loophole in the prostitution law and we needed to stop it.  Support continued from the public, law enforcement and community groups such as “Citizens Against Trafficking”, started by Professor Donna Hughes and attorney Melanie Shapiro.
After much debate, a law banning indoor prostitution was passed in October 2009 as well as a amended ban on Human Trafficking. I also introduced a third bill to ban minors from working in the adult entertainment industry which was becoming a common occurrence in Providence. These three bills passed both chambers and were signed into law by Governor Donald Carcieri.

Even though the three laws passed, we realized this was only the beginning.  The Human Trafficking bill also created a task force made up of  general assembly members,  law enforcement, social agencies, trafficking advocate groups and state agencies including Human services and the Department of Children, Youth and Families.

One of the most important components of the task force was to promote public education and awareness is to warn parents about the dangers of the Internet and the use of certain websites and newspapers which advertise the sexual  services of young women and men.

More education is also needed for our young women and men who fall prey to these predators because they are uninformed about the dangers of sex trafficking. We also need  to ensure victims of trafficking are getting the services they need.
The bans on Human Trafficking and Indoor prostitution that passed are good laws but we need to always remember that laws are only good if they are implemented. Law enforcement must stay vigilant in their effort to stop sex trafficking. The focus needs to be not only on the pimps and traffickers but the johns who purchase the services of these underage victims and the landlords and property owners who permit these crimes on their premises.

Finally, the Providence police said one of the homeless underage victims that was trafficked here to Providence from Massachusetts and sold for sex told the investigators, “Today, Is the best day of my life…you all saved me. “They did save her and should be commended for acting swiftly and professionally in the continuing fight against sex trafficking.

We look forward to the day when there will be no more trafficking victims in Rhode Island and our young people can look ahead and not back to remember the best day of their lives.

What’s in…What’s out…this week,1-19-18



What’s in…What’s out… this week..1-18-18…State of the State, PawSox Fever, For love of money and more….


What’s in….

The State of the state address…by Governor Raimondo painted a rosy picture of Rhode Island’s status on Tuesday night. The Governor highlighted accomplishments such as road repairs, the car tax phase out and education improvements but did not share the credit with local officials or lawmakers. Her speech was upbeat and positive but made no mention of the UHIP crisis, the PawSox bill or possible financial deficits. Maybe she is waiting for her budget address to tell us all just how much the UHIP crisis has cost the state and how much of a backlog there still is. And just maybe we will hear an accurate economic forecast for this year’s budget. The economic engines are running and it seems like it will be a steamy ride into 2018.

The PawSox Bill….has passed the Senate overwhelmingly and is on its way to the House Finance Committee. As I write this, Speaker Mattiello is planning a closed Democratic caucus on Thursday afternoon to discuss the PawSox proposal. Will he or won’t he? Inquiring minds want to know!
Even though the speaker has publicly stated that his constituency is against the proposal, he still has to listen to the opinions of his rank and file legislators. Some unions have decided to boycott Matiello’s fundraiser and other legislators. This being election year, that will not sit well with some legislators who depend on union support. Do not be surprised to see a change of heart and a floor vote on this topic. It’s not over till it’s over, or until the fat lady sings as they say!

The Line item veto bill…got a standing ovation from Senate members when the Governor mentioned it during her State of the State speech.
Many Senators seemed to favor the line item veto even though it is unpopular in the House Chamber. Now we all know the House primarily sets the Budget initiatives and this is not a favorite budget item of theirs.
It seems the Senate and the House are having some power plays over who is in charge or should I say, “Who’s the boss”?

What’s out…

The “Me too” movement has changed its name to #nomore in an effort to show solidarity for women abused. We all applaud the courageous women who stood tall and exposed their sexual harassers and abusers. At the recent golden globe awards, women celebrities wore black to show solidarity. One has to ask where was all this support when some of these women who knew of years of continued abuse remained silent. The power of Hollywood to cover up for the rich and powerful is a long standing tradition. The years of silence and turning the other cheek cannot be dismissed because some of these women chose to wear black. There are still sexual predators there and some of these actresses are still working for them. So, let’s be real everyone and not fall for their act. I won’t be watching these actresses, producers and actors who condoned this behavior and remained silent for the love of money. And I think a lot of people feel that way and Hollywood knows it.


Will Tom Brady be sitting this Sunday’s big game on bench? ..he has been placed on the injury list for an injury on his right hand. Say it ain’t so Tom! The Patriots have been on a winning streak and we all have Patriot fever! So let’s wish Tom a speedy recovery and hope for a win! Go Pats!

Shooting at Providence Place Mall…In what appears to be sketchy details, we learned that Providence Police have apprehended a 17 year old involved in the Monday night shooting at the mall. A nineteen year old was shot in the leg outside of Nordstrom’s. It is a shame that we have to be concerned for our safety even in a mall. More security inside and outside in the parking lot is needed. There were young children and families there and shootings like this discourage people from going there. It is bad for the businesses, employees and people who enjoy the mall. Our city cannot endure this violence. It’s dangerous, it’s scary and it isn’t what we hope to achieve as a community.




Joanne Giannini is a former State Representative. She is a freelance journalist, consultant and writer. She has previously written commentary for the Providence journal, Golocal Prov and WPRO radio.

What’s in….What’s out…1-4-17, Happy New Year, Snowmaggedeon, UHIP…and more…


What’s in….

2018 came in with a full moon on Sunday night!….Happy New Year! Here’s hoping all your New Year’s wishes come true!

Arctic blast and “Snowmaggedon”…The store shelves are empty and the media hype is on. The Governor has asked everyone to stay home today on Thursday during this snowstorm. Freezing cold temperatures and high winds can make for a dangerous situation.  It looks like the rumors of a mild winter were highly exaggerated. Be safe and stay home!

The General Assembly is back in session!…With election year in the near future, this will be a very interesting year. Legislators will play it safe and put aside all controversial legislation in an effort to keep their seats.  This will be the “year of the women .”  More women are running across the country and little Rhody will see more women running for General Assembly seats. I predict the amount of women in the General Assembly will increase by 40 percent.

What’s out….

The UHIP crisis….The ACLU is suing the state of Rhode Island for the ongoing UHIP crisis. The most vulnerable of our citizens have been effected by this debacle. Look for another shakeup in this department. It’s been well over a year since this new computer system has been implemented and it hasn’t been successful yet. Meanwhile our seniors and needy are suffering due to mismanagement, poor leadership and apathy.  The shame of it all.

Crossroads has said they are increasingly overcrowded with homeless men, women and children during this cold freeze. This is a disaster in our city of Providence especially. I saw no press conferences addressing this or statement by city or state officials. While everyone is snug and warm in their beds, the homeless continue to roam our streets looking for refuge and a hot meal.  Let’s hope 2018 brings some change in policy that offers more help to them.