What’s in…What’s out this week? 3-2 ..Paw sox, ethics, cancer and more…

What’s in…What’s out…




What’s in…

Speed cameras are in……Providence is adding an additional
Six new school zone speed cameras in addition to the five speed cameras already in place in various neighborhoods.
12,000 spending tickets have been given out during the first 33 days of the new school speed zone program. Nearly all the 12,193 tickets were generated from five speeding cameras in place between January 16th and February 22nd with the most coming from the Mt. Pleasant avenue camera with a total of 4,795 tickets. Other locations are on Charles street, Thurber’s Avenue, Daniel avenue and Peace street.
The Providence city council voted last May to install 15 speeding cameras at various neighborhood school locations within a quarter mile to the schools. The price of the ticket is $95.00 and you receive the notice in the mail with a picture and the fine.
The RI General Assembly passed a law in 2016 allowing the city to set up the cameras in a school zone. City officials call it a public safety measure, while vocal opponents are calling it a money grab for city revenue. These school zone cameras are in addition to the traffic light cameras that are already all over the city of Providence. So when you drive through Providence, remember to drive slowly and smile, you’re on candid camera.


Paw Sox Poll Commissioned by the Build RI Labor/Management Partnerships.…This poll done by Labor states that 56% of Rhode Islanders support a funding plan to keep the PawSox in Pawtucket. The battle continues to win support for the $83 million funding plan. No one knows where this will end up. Will it pass election year or will it be held for further study? Time will tell, but time is running out for the PawSox and Worcester May be on their shopping list.

Ethics committee finds no cause in Republicans ethics charge against
Governor Raimondo.. In a surprising ruling, the Ethic Committee will not take up an ethics charge filed by GOP chairman Brandon Bell against Governor Raimondo. This complaint came after the hiring of former Providence city chairman Patrick Ward in the Department of Human Services and after the negotiations concerning a fundraising agreement between the Providence city committee and the Governor’s campaign.The Ethics Committee has said that Ward is not a direct employee of the Governor’s staff and therefore there is no conflict.


What’s out….


Nor’easter storm…rain with mixed snow…Tell us it isn’t so! We were hoping for spring, but Friday is set to bring high winds, rain, possible sleet and snow and flooding. So stock up on bread, milk and hot chocolate.
Hopefully we won’t lose Power but be safe and don’t forget the flashlights!

Cancer, lymphoma and blood diseases..In 1971 Richard Nixon declared war on Cancer and here we are in 2018….and its still here and more prevalent than ever. We have lost so many children and loved ones to these diseases but yet we continue to hope for cures. Meanwhile Big pharma continues to rip off the sick by charging big amounts for prescription drugs and health insurers refuse to pay for pet scans to diagnose our most vulnerable. I go on record saying I will not vote for anyone who takes donations from lobbyists representing Big Pharma or Health insurers who put our loved ones a at risk . I will check every campaign report to see where the candidates get their money and if they get it from these unscrupulous companies, they will not get my vote. I may be one person but there is strength in numbers. We will never change things without taking a stand. I buried my dear sister Jean two weeks ago after she battled an illness where some of her prescriptions were $500to $600 dollars a month. There is no reason for it. Also we lost a long Neighborhood activist in Mt.Pleasant to cancer, Peter Pringle. He fought a battle too against an illness which should have a cure by now.
Our family and our friends need us to remember them by fighting for what’s important. We need elected officials to fight for our most vulnerable, the sick, the needy and the helpless. Remember that when you vote this year. I intend to.489B9000-B8BE-4BFD-BBDE-D035AA7E3ECD


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