What’s in….What’s out…2-23-18



What’s in… What’s out…


What’s in…

USA Women’s Olympic Hockey Team! … Congratulations to the Olympic USA Women’s Hockey team for winning the Gold Medal after 20 years… In a stunning upset over Canada in a 3-2 shootout, the USA Women’s Hockey team did us proud winning the gold. What a proud moment for the USA and for the team!

Senator Nicholas Kettle resigns…… In a letter to Senate members, Senator Kettle resigned on Thursday, criticizing Senate leaders “ for not understanding the importance of due process as the cornerstone of our legal system “. In an unprecedented move, Senate leaders were planning to introduce bipartisan legislation to remove the Senate’s minority whip from office. Senator Kettle was arrested last week on allegations of video voyeurism and allegedly extorting a male page for sex. Still pending is a trial and Kettle’s day in court but the Senate had chosen to act swiftly before trial. This move would have created a new precedent in the General Assembly. Regardless of anyone’s beliefs on this subject, we can all agree that these are difficult times for General Assembly members as they weigh serious allegations and innuendos.

Providence legislation will include a bond issue to approve $250 million for school infrastructure repairs. The city of Providence will ask the General Assembly to approve a much needed bond issue to improve city schools. The schools are in disrepair and have been needing improvements for years. How can we expect our children to learn in dilapidated environments? School environmental safety is an issue in many of our crumbling schools and needs to be addressed before we expect our lower performing schools to achieve their goals.


What’s out…

The Dunkin Donuts Center or “The Dunk” was ruled as having unsafe conditions to play on Wednesday night… Wednesday night the Providence College versus Seton Hall basketball game had to be suspended due to unsafe playing conditions. The basketball floor repeatedly kept getting wet causing slippery conditions, and a Seton Hall player was injured when he fell because of the slippery floor. The Dunk Center blamed it on unseasonably warm temperatures causing moisture in the wood floor which covers the existing ice rink. This is a shame. Our Providence Civic Center was a state-of-the-art center in the 1970’s when we hosted many entertainers, sports events, ice competitions, and entertainment for all of RI to enjoy.

Let’s start to take better care of the facilities we already have in this state, instead of investing our money in new ventures. State and local leaders need to invest in maintaining and upgrading the facilities that need our help to keep operating that are already here. Let’s not forget the thousands of Rhode Islanders over the years who received enjoyment from The Dunk and work together to make it a showplace, not an embarrassment.

Kiwi fruit causes allergic reaction… 34 students in several school districts had an allergic reaction to kiwi fruit served in schools last week. Some were sent to the hospital with allergic reactions of hives, swelling of lips and tongue and itching. Some had to receive epi-pen injections, etc. This didn’t happen in one district, but in schools located in Providence, Woonsocket, Cumberland, East Providence and Pawtucket. The children were treated and the symptoms subsided, but the cause still isn’t known. When I saw this, I wondered, “why are they serving kiwi”? What ever happened to apples and oranges? I never remember seeing exotic fruit in school as a kid. Do kids know how to eat this? Were they peeled, or did the kids bite right into the skin and flesh at the same time? And let’s face it, once you peel a kiwi you’re left with a very small amount of sweet fruit to eat. Especially because we still don’t know – despite attempts to find out – what caused allergic reactions – let’s stick to the basics and be safe. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Just saying…


What’s in…whats out 2-16? Olympics, Florida’s hero,911 crisis and more…



What’s in…What’s out…

What’s in….

The Olympics….The Olympic cauldron burns strong in Pyeongchang County, South Korea as the 2018 Winter Olympic Games begin.. Taking place in a beautiful backdrop of winter scenes, the Olympics will be held till February 25th. Congratulations to Mikaela Shifrin for winning the first US gold for the giant slalom. So get the hot chocolate and popcorn ready, there is more to come!

Lillian Calderon, the wife and mother who has been in the custody of immigration officials for almost a month was allowed home to her family Tuesday. Her attorney said the lawsuit opposing her deportation must still be resolved but officials in Massachusetts decided to release her because of a motion made by her attorney.

Heroes amongst us….Aaron Feis, a popular wrestling coach and athletic director at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Schook In Parkland, Fla. was a hero in Wednesday’s mass shooting at the Florida high school. He used his body to shield students from the line of fire and was fatally injured. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and all the victims and families affected in this horrific tragedy.

What’s out….

911 In crisis…… NBC 10 has learned that the 911 emergency call center is severely understaffed with some callers waiting up to 2 minutes and 47 seconds on hold while they waited for someone to come back on line. This is outrageous! Rep. Bob Lancia visited during the evening shift when only four workers were working even though there is a minimum staffing level of eight in past years. Rep. Lancia alerted the public about what he saw and has heard from workers at 911.
NBC 10 I-Team reviewed stats from the RI State Police showing that 20,833 calls were put on hold during 2017. This is outrageous! This is an emergency call system that the public depends on. Kudos to Rep. Lancia for staying on top of this and let’s hope the matter is investigated and fully exposed. Monies collected from 911 fees have been diverted in to the General fund instead of the 911budget. The FCC has warned the State of RI that is not acceptable and to stop doing that. Ten million dollars has been diverted into the General Fund. This is a fiasco and a terrible public safety hazard. Lives could be lost in minutes. It could be any one of us that needs that service and it should be available within seconds.

Another school shooting..The horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida on St. Valentine’s day/Ash Wednesday has left us all heartsick and upset. Teachers, students and school workers should be safe at all times. The violence and the murder of innocent lives has gone on too long.
Everyone needs to work together to change school policies, change laws and increased security at our schools. The way things are going, it won’t be long before armed guards are at our schools as well as metal detectors.
Whatever it takes to protect our kids is a must.

Killer notoriety…..Nikolas Cruz brutally murdered 17 innocent people and we keep seeing his picture everywhere on television, social media and in the newspapers. It is time to stop giving these killers and assassins the publicity they crave and so enjoy. Instead let us focus on our victims and families as we pray for them and remember their lives and stories. It’s time to stop making these killers celebrities and famous.