What’s in…What’s out…1-26-18


What’s in…what’s out…this week…


What’s in….


The verdict is in…..A Providence Elementary school principal has been found guilty of failing to report to the RI Department of Children, Youth and Families a complaint by students of inappropriate touching by a gym teacher at the Harry Kizirian Elementary school. Violet LeMar, was convicted Monday of a single misdemeanor charge after a bench trial before District Court James Caruolo. She was sentenced to probation and community service in a sexual abuse facility. LeMar had said that she was not familiar with the law enacted in 2016 which requires reporting incidents of abuse to DCYF. She is the first to be found guilty since the law was passed. This decision certainly changes the way the school systems throughout the state will develop policy regarding sexual and physical abuse in the schools. Teachers and principals will have to be informed and educated about the laws regarding these matters, something that should have been done when the law was passed.

The Patriots are in….The New England Patriots are on their way to the Super Bowl. Kudos to Tom Brady, Danny Amendola and the entire team who rocked New England Sunday night. It was another nail biter but they pulled it through. Special thoughts go out to “The Gronk” who suffered a concussion and missed the rest of the game. Here’s hoping he’s okay to play in the Super Bowl.Go Pats!

In a recent Quinnipiac University National poll, 84 percent of voters say that the recent government shut down was not necessary while only 13% found it “mainly necessary”. The feelings were shared by both parties, with 89% of Republicans and 78% of Democrats saying it was not necessary to shut down government. This means the people are paying attention and will remember in November!

What’s out…

The Senate Paw Sox bill ..is D.O.A. In the House according to the speaker. The Speaker has stated that amendments are needed to make the bill better. A meeting in Speaker Matiello’s District had a turnout of about 60 people but it was invitation only. The speaker has said he wants the PawSox to hold open meetings throughout Rhode Island to let all the people voice their concerns. My guess is that the House will conduct Finance Committee hearings and come up with their own version of a bill with less obligation to the taxpayer. If not, the proposal will be back next year with limited time for review.


Larry Nassar, the former Olympic sports doctor, received his sentence of 40 to 75 years for sexually assaulting Olympic gymnasts. Over 150 women and girls have testified in court about being molested by Nassar. Showing no remorse, Nassar accused the presiding Judge of being too hard on him by letting all the victims testify. Nassar molested some of these girls when they were children and continually abused them. There is a special place in Hell for him and those like him.
These girls and women were brave and that is the true meaning of the “Me too” movement. Real courage is being brave enough to tell your story and expose the abuser so he cannot abuse again.


Candid cameras… smile you’re on candid camera…If you go through the City of Providence, you are already familiar with the red light cameras at certain intersections. We also have seen the addition of police body cameras. Now in the hopper Is the proposal for cameras for speed detection in 15 areas in Providence. One council person has also proposed cameras for schools to be used as a form of surveillance. The use of public cameras has become a way of surveillance in roads, highways and intersections. One could argue that it simply is really to generate more revenue to a city which is distressed. But cameras have begun to shed the light on traffic violators and can be a crime deterrent.
Like it or not the cameras are growing in volume and are here to stay.


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