What’s in….What’s out…1-4-17, Happy New Year, Snowmaggedeon, UHIP…and more…


What’s in….

2018 came in with a full moon on Sunday night!….Happy New Year! Here’s hoping all your New Year’s wishes come true!

Arctic blast and “Snowmaggedon”…The store shelves are empty and the media hype is on. The Governor has asked everyone to stay home today on Thursday during this snowstorm. Freezing cold temperatures and high winds can make for a dangerous situation.  It looks like the rumors of a mild winter were highly exaggerated. Be safe and stay home!

The General Assembly is back in session!…With election year in the near future, this will be a very interesting year. Legislators will play it safe and put aside all controversial legislation in an effort to keep their seats.  This will be the “year of the women .”  More women are running across the country and little Rhody will see more women running for General Assembly seats. I predict the amount of women in the General Assembly will increase by 40 percent.

What’s out….

The UHIP crisis….The ACLU is suing the state of Rhode Island for the ongoing UHIP crisis. The most vulnerable of our citizens have been effected by this debacle. Look for another shakeup in this department. It’s been well over a year since this new computer system has been implemented and it hasn’t been successful yet. Meanwhile our seniors and needy are suffering due to mismanagement, poor leadership and apathy.  The shame of it all.

Crossroads has said they are increasingly overcrowded with homeless men, women and children during this cold freeze. This is a disaster in our city of Providence especially. I saw no press conferences addressing this or statement by city or state officials. While everyone is snug and warm in their beds, the homeless continue to roam our streets looking for refuge and a hot meal.  Let’s hope 2018 brings some change in policy that offers more help to them.


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