What’s in…What’s out…12-1: The X- factor, Matt Lauer, Karma, Governor’s race and more….



What’s in…and out this week...


The X Factor…the termination of NBC Today host Matt Lauer…is the latest job termination in in a long list of accused sexual harassers. Let’s see, what do we call them sexual harassers or predators? These latest allegations leave us to ask , “Where in the world was Matt Lauer and what in the world was he thinking?” Of course he was not thinking at all because he would have thought of blowing his $25 million a year cushy job that most people would beg for.
News broke Wednesday morning live on the Today show when Savannah Guthrie tearily read a prepared statement from NBC stating the allegations. Savannah and Hoda Kobt were at loss for words, something you rarely see, as they talked about their colleague Matt Lauer. Interestingly enough, Savannah also expressed remorse for her colleague who she said had “ been brave to come forward and that she hopes for the best for her”.., leading me to believe Savannah knows the victim.
NBC has been in the forefront of the “Me too” hashtag campaign to out sexual harassment but in the last few days they have taken a closed attitude toward giving information about their workplace. No one has been off limits to NBC or their anchors but yet Matt Lauer enjoys the privilege of secrecy. In fact the most media coverage detailing any events at all happened to be in a “Vanity Fair article” detailing Lauer’s shenanigans. It’s no secret that Matt Lauer called most of the shots on the Today show. He got all the big time interviews and made the most money.
He certainly had enough clout to send Ann Curry packing in tears after her being there 10 years. In a statement to NBC, Lauer expressed remorse for his embarrassing actions to his loved ones , people he may have offended and to NBC.
Time will tell how many more will join the X factor club with Lauer and crew but know one thing. If you are in a position of power and you have abused Individuals for sex or any other reason, you should be shaking in your boots. None of you predators are safe anymore. It doesn’t matter if you are a star, a politician or a prominent member of society. So think twice before you make your moves or mistreat others. Karma really is a bitch and she is a woman.



The Political circle….Before we get into who’s in and out of the races for Governor …let’s talk about the money war chest..
Governor Gina Raimondo tops the list with almost $3million dollars. The rest of the contenders are scrambling to raise cash. Rep.Patricia Morgan has gotten off to a good start but still has a lot of catching up to do. Mayor Alan Fung may be raising funds but he will need more money than last election to beat an incumbent Democratic Governor. Joe Trillo is testing the waters to see where his support is and if the Trump factor can help him. Rhode Islanders are pretty independent in their voting habits and you cannot transfer votes. Chafee has an endless pocketbook if he chooses to run and probably the support of some East siders which can cut into Gina’s base. Gio Feroce has given every indication on social media of an intent to run and cannot be ruled out of the mix. I mean let’s face it, in this political climate, anything can happen. It all depends on what the public wants and who they trust. Let the circle of promises and hopes begin! I’m looking forward to a busy campaign cycle with a lot of surprise announcements! Stay tuned, it will be a bumpy ride!


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