What’s in…What’s out..11-17..The pervert list, Violence in Prov and more…



IMG_0056What’s in.. What’s out…

What’s in….

The Pervert list continues….The latest people accused are Senator Al Franken Senator Moore and actor Richard Dreyfus. Franken claims he was wrong for doing it and also apologies. He also called for a full investigation of his actions. Well, that’s unique. Meanwhile, Richard Dreyfus cancelled his comic-con appearance here in RI last week. He has said nothing on the issue. Senator Roy Moore has been accused by at least nine women of grouping and making sexual advances. Moore vehemently denies all charges and now his wife will speak out. The beat goes on…

Terror in Providence last Thursday…resulted in the shooting of one man and injury of a woman passenger. The Providence Police and the State Police used deadly force when a man in a white pick up truck would not stop his vehicle and used it to escape in a wild chase. This chase ended with the suspect ramming another vehicle to get away and police shooting for him to stop. The police have a tough job and their job is to protect. They were trying to protect the other vehicles on the scene which were hit.
Unfortunately, the suspect did not stop or get out when police told him to do so. A new councilwoman in Providence is calling for a review of the matter and police practices.

Former Judge Robert Flanders….has announced his candidacy for Senate against (his words) “ silver spoon Sheldon” on Thursday. Claiming to be from the working class, Flanders recalls being a dishwasher as well as other jobs to make a living when growing up. He says he will represent the working class. Flanders will be running as a Republican against Rep.Bob Nardolillo in a primary. The race is on and this will keep Senator Whitehouse on his toes!

What’s out….

More violence in Providence…A woman was killed by her husband this week and found by her children wrapped up in plastic in her house. Another domestic violence incident which sickens us all.
On Chalkstone Avenue there was a stabbing which resulted in death of man who was involved in a family disturbance. Stabbings, murder and beatings have been escalated in our city. Please stop saying they are isolated incidents in Providence because every incident is a tragedy. This needs to stop. And we all need to be aware of our surroundings and report any suspicious behavior.

Sexual abuse, harassment etc… While America listens to all the accusations and reality of the sexual disclosure of some of our most famous and powerful people, let’s not lose sight of another problem. For those who have been harassed and have come forward with your abuser, I say thank you for being courageous while others hid. Covering up your abuser is only letting him free to harm another.
But all this abuse of power for sex is not the only problem. How about the powerful who use their positions to advance themselves while putting down others. Taking credit for someone else’s work or making sure they are kept out of the loop. The powerful can abuse in more ways. In politics, in Hollywood and everywhere else, the people with power can make your life miserable by blackballing you from jobs, putting you down and demeaning your existence. Women have been victims of being in the background for years, while male counterparts have taken credit for their work, got raises, promotions and awards. The real injustice today is that women are still not part of the system in the way they should be. Some may disagree by saying they are. But they are fooling themselves. Equality is still a long way off.




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