What’s in…What’s out this week 11-3, “the Graduates”,the “The Flatfoots”, and NYC Terror On Halloween…

Whats in…What’s out…this week 11-3-17


What’s in…

The Hollywood Sex files ….continues to grow as the latest accusations include Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey and film director Brett Ratner.


Dustin Hoffman, now 80, was accused of groping a 17 year old intern on the set of his movie “Death of a salesman”in 1985. Hoffman issue a statement apologizing for “for anything I might have done that could have out her in an uncomfortable situation”…..
Kevin Spacey has also been accused of making sexual advances by Anthony Rapp when he was 14 years old. Spacey claims he doesn’t remember but apoligized. Film big shot Brett Ratner was accused by six women, including actresses Olivia Mann, of sexual misconduct in a LA Times Report. Mann accused Ratner of masturbating in front of her in his trailer while she visited the set of Ratner’s “ After the Sunset”. You just can’t make this stuff up. What a screen play and movie this would be. Except for the fact that these men are disgusting power hungry men who treat women and young boys like play toys. They can apologize till the end of time and it won’t excuse their behavior. The sad part is that people idolize these actors and directors as though they were gods. And now we see what they really are is very weak men who thrive on vulnerable victims. There are more men on the list of Harvey Weinstein’s school of perverts. And now daily we wait to see who the next “Graduate” is.


The Storm with no name.…On Sunday night Rhode Islanders experienced the storm that wasn’t. I say that because we certainly didn’t expect the storm we had with winds that reached up to 79 miles an hour in parts of Warwick. The wind and rain were horrendous and caught many of us by surprise. Over 140,000 people were without power and some are still without power as I write. Yes, we all know that the storm caused these outages but many did not expect the aftermath of the storm. For a storm with no name, it certainly did a great deal of damage. The Governor has called for a review of the situation and National Grid’s response effort. She said she wants to see if they were “ flat footed” with this storm. That’s a new term I haven’t heard used to describe inadequacies.( I don’t use it lightly because I was born with flat feet.) But it seems National Grid wasn’t the only one caught “flat footed” as the Governor claims. Where was the emergency management team during all of this? Why didn’t they and the Governor hold a press briefing prior to the storm warning residents of the storm and preventative measures to do to be prepared? They didn’t and should have. I can remember storms that were named as hurricanes and didn’t do as much damage as this storm did. Trees and power lines down everywhere.

It’s no secret that we need to start thinking of a better way to protect our power lines. Perhaps underground power lines would help but that would take years. Cities and towns have to be mandated to maintain and trim trees in the neighborhoods especially near the electrical wires. It’s time to do some preventative measures instead of waiting till the damage is done. Lawmakers do your job and mandate this by state law. National Grid needs to be held accountable for not having enough ground crew. You can’t blame the linemen and workers because they have a tough job with little thanks. And if power is out for more than 24 hours, national grid customers should get a refund off their bill. It’s plain and simple.
Let’s see what Lawmakers will take a stand and put these bills in. The power is theirs. Let’s hope they use it.

What’s out…


New York Terror on Halloween….29 year old Sayfullo Saipov drove a rented truck down the bike path near in Manhattan. And he is proud of it.
Shameful, sick and warped, this poor excuse for a human being was boasting of his deeds in the hospital. He also wanted to hang the Isis flag in his hotel room. He was in this country on a diversity visa program which was supported by Senator Minority leader Chuck Schumer. Well, this visa program needs to be reviewed. It’s broken and needs to be fixed. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families. How sad it is for America when you can’t be safe even on a bike path. But New Yorkers stood tall and did have their Halloween parade despite the terror attack. We must not let these Isis terrorist to break our spirit because they have none.

The Full Moon…it’s a Harvest Moon and beware! As beautiful as the harvest moon is, it brings out all the weird behavior and anger in people.
Yes, it’s been that kind of a few days when I have been wondering why everyone is so uptight. Well I looked up in the sky and now I know why.
It’s the full moon ! 🌕




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