What’s in…What’s out…PawSox Snag, Announcements Galore,Mums the word…and more..


What’s in…What’s out….

What’s in….

RI Senate Finance Committee Chairman William J. Conley Jr. said Thursday his committee will not vote on the PawSox stadium-financing proposal if it does not get additional financial information from the Triple-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, which is hoping to build a new stadium in Pawtucket. This could be a deal breaker for the much debated stadium project and the Senate is not known to back down especially during an election year. Stay tuned!

The Assistant Principal at Central High School has resigned after an altercation with a student. A video circulating on Facebook has shown a physical altercation of the vice principal and the student. Sources say the incident is being investigated and the school administration will continue to support students and the community.

Announcement week!…Mayor Alan Fung has announced his intentions to run for Governor again against Gina Raimondo.
Supported by his family and friends on Tuesday night, Mayor Fung stated that “We can do Better!” First out of the box with her announcement was Rep. Patricia Morgan who announced on social media with a video highlighting her commitment to work for the people of Rhode Island. Two more Republican candidates are expected to announce, former Senator Giovanni Feroce and former Rep. Joe Trillo.
Also announcing for Lt. Governor is Rep. Aaron Regunberg who vows to be a watchdog for the people of RI. What’s interesting about this announcement, is the fact that incumbent Democratic Lt.Governor Dan McKee has not announced his intentions yet. Is he running for Lt. Governor or something else? If he runs for re-election for Lt. Governor, he will be running in a Democratic primary against Regunberg. This will be a dilemma for the Democratic State Committee. Will they endorse an incumbent Lt. Governor or the State Representative? Everyone knows that the House of Representatives controls the state Party endorsements. The Democratic State Chair is a State Representative and a colleague of Regunberg. Who knows what will happen but no one can make predictions on this one.

What’s out….

Ashley Judd is the latest actress to join over 60 women to out their sexual predator Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Although this happened twenty years ago, Judd said she kept quiet about the incident because she made a deal with him and got away. Give me a break, ladies! How could you all be so vocal on other subjects and not on sexual abuse. These are sad times. We are witnessing the turning of heads because it suited their careers to remain quiet. It’s called keeping mum to get ahead. And it let this sexual predator be on the loose for over 20 years abusing and allegedly raping other women. This is why women need to come forward! Shame on her and all those who knew but did nothing! Sometimes silence is not golden!

The closing of Pawtucket Memorial Hospital….is devastating to Pawtucket and the state. It’s not only the loss of hundreds of jobs but the loss of a much needed health facility. It seems no one was paying attention. Who will stand up and get the answers that are needed? Who will fight for this hospital the way they are fighting for a ball stadium? Time will tell the story. Let’s hope it’s not too late.


What’s in…What’s out…10-21.. Sex abuse,PawSox fever,pumpkins and more…


What’s In…What’s out..

What’s in….

The “Me too” hashtag has prompted millions of women around the country to come forward and tell their stories of sexual harassment and abuse. One of the most heart wrenching stories was told by McKayla Maroney, the Olympic gymnast who told her story of sexual abuse by her USA Gymnast team doctor which started when she was just 13 years old. She is one brave girl who had the courage to tell her story and out her team doctor Larry Nassar so he can’t victimize again. Sexual predators need to be exposed and stopped in their tracks. Over 60 women have come forward and exposed Harvey Weinstein for alleged sexual harassment and rape in Hollywood. Criminal charges may be filed in his case. These brave women have exposed the dirty little secret of sexual abuse in our country and who knows where it will all go. But the truth always comes out and the fight marches on.

PawSox fever…Cranston is the latest city trying to woo the PawSox into their midst with a letter from the City Council President Mike Farina. Cranston is a beautiful city and may offer a great deal of hope to the PawSox who are fighting to survive with a new stadium in Pawtucket. Maybe cities interested in the PawSox stadium should be able to bid on its new location. It’s an interesting concept but one that could very well save the taxpayers $38 million dollars.

Pumpkins galore….Roger Williams Park continues to woo Halloween children of all ages at the Jack-o-lantern spectacular going on now through November 5th. Its beautiful and fun and the weather has been great. Enjoy everyone 🎃!

What’s out….

DCYF . ..Budget decreases of $84 million (nearly 30 percent) over the last 10 years did not help this department improve. It doesn’t take a genius to know that we need to invest in our children to help them. This department has some good people working in it but it’s leadership has been poor. It’s time to get it back on track and implement the necessary funds to do the job right. If the state has money to invest in ballparks and other endeavors, it should be investing in our children first.

Violence in Providence… It just seems that the stabbings and robberies on the streets of Providence are getting worse. I certainly am not bashing my city but I am weary of a culture of violence that seems to be happening in our city. Whether it’s gangs in Providence or isolated incidents of violence, it’s too much! While authorities repeatedly say crime is down, the media and television news seem to show a different story. The quality of life in our city is at risk and we all need to stay vigilant and informed.

Johnson and Johnson…A judge has thrown out a $417 million jury award to a woman who claimed she developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson and Johnson talc baby powder for years. This case has lingered so long the woman has died. Proof was presented that Johnson and Johnson knew of the inferior ingredients used in their talc powder but ignored it. This hits home for me because my mom used Johnson and Johnson baby powder all her life and died from ovarian cancer. Who knew? We didn’t. But I will tell you this. Ovarian cancer is a painful deadly disease with a deadly mortality rate that really has no symptoms until it’s too late. We need more screenings for this cancer and more information on its prevention.


Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/10/21/323m-compensation-to-woman-who-died-of-cancer-due-to-johnson-johnson-talc-rejected-7016518/?ito=cbshare
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What’s in..What’s out…10-13,PawSox hearing, Boy Scouts news,Vandalism and Hollywood Blues…



What’s IN…

The PawSox stadium hearings… The Senate continues to have their road show of public legislative hearings while the House of Representatives Finance Committee has had their first legislative hearing. The difference between legislative hearings and the listening tours that happened two years ago by the PawSox is clear. The Senate and House of Representatives control the legislative format by setting content, time, testimony and length of hearings. While the listening tours did have a format, they occurred in an informal setting with open dialogue by the public who asked questions concerning the project. Some opponents of the project may feel intimidated to testify In a formal legislative hearing, while they would find an informal forum much more appealing. Also, the legislative hearings will count as testimony to be followed by a vote of passage, non-passage, or held for further study. While it seems that the PawSox clearly have had an advantage in the legislative hearings, not to be ruled out is the vote decision by the rank and file legislators. Some may view this project as a done deal, but remember with election year approaching legislators will be wary to upset the voting public.

The Boy Scouts will now accept girls into their organization… In what seems to be one of the bombshells of the week, the Boy Scouts have announced that girls will now be part of their organization. As a former Girl Scout (cadet), I must admit that I have my doubts this will work out. Some may see this as progress, but I always enjoyed being part of the Girl Scout organization with girls only. We did fun things like sleepovers with girls, camping, shopping and things that girls like to do. I can’t imagine mixing the two together. Girls have different interests and different needs. Chalk this decision into the category of leave well enough alone!

The Ocean State Business Expo… was the networking place to be this week at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick. Businesses got together to offer informative insight and innovative ideas. What a great job by the organizers Jay White & Susan Lataille, and others – and kudos to all the businesses who participated. This is the type of event that Rhode Island needs to display the business successes, and I hope to see more in the future.

What’s OUT…

Harvey Weinstein… the infamous Hollywood producer who Meryl Streep once referred to as “God” has been accused of sexual harassment and rape. Why would anyone be surprised? The so called do-gooders and know-it-alls in Hollywood such as Jane Fonda and George Clooney say they heard or knew about the accusations but turned the other cheek. How classy of them. Weinstein allegedly used his position to be a sex predator. If so, he is no better than a common pimp who preys on victims to get what he wants. And to all the Hollywood stars who knew and said nothing, you contributed to his dirty secret by staying silent.

Vandalism in Providence…is on the rise. Two statues were vandalized this week in Providence. A statue of the Blessed Mother was vandalized at St. Pius this week, which didn’t get the press coverage that the vandalizing of the statue of Christopher Columbus located on Elmwood Avenue, did. Regardless of religion or political beliefs, no one has the right to vandalize. Blatant disregard for property has become the normal occurrence in Providence and it has to stop. Stronger ordinances and punishments for violators need to be implemented. This state was founded on a premise of religious freedom.

It’s a sad commentary on our state when these things happen especially when we are a diverse community and taught to respect each other’s beliefs.

What’s in…What’s out..,this week October 6…hurricane woes, Gina blasts, healthcare amiss. Neronha and Dennis announce…



What’s in…What’s out….

What’s in…

Hurricane woes…There seems to be no peace for the people in the gulf coast. Another hurricane lurks in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Nate is dangerously making its way near then golf coast and increasing rapidly. One has to wonder what is happening, is it global warming, climate change change or something else? We certainly cannot sustain anymore devastation and pray for the safety and welfare of all. Puerto Rico and Florida are still struggling from Hurricane Irma.

Candidates announced! There will be no shortage of candidates this election year. First out of the box, Kobi Dennis has announced his intentions to run for Mayor of Providence. He is a neighborhood activist with strong ties to the law enforcement community. He has been a mentor to young people in the Chad Brown area of Providence and will work hard to get his message to the people in the community.

Former US Attorney Peter Neronha announced his intentions to run for RI Attorney General. Surrounded by family and supporters , Neronha said the following in his announcement, which he made this week in Jamestown, “We’ll bring the kinds of cases we brought when I was U.S. attorney to recover wasted taxpayer money, protect consumers, protect the environment, and enforce civil rights,” he said. “We don’t have to rely on a Justice Department with shifting priorities to do those things. We can do that ourselves, together, right here in Rhode Island, using our own laws.”

Whats out…

The status of Healthcare in this country.. while Washington continues to fight over Obamacare, our people are suffering. Many have no coverage and those who do have coverage are finding out that their health insurances do not cover what they thought it would. Recently, I needed eye drops for an eye infection, with my insurance they cost $216.00 at my local CVS. Yes, that’s right. Not to mention the prescriptions for the seniors who are now forced to pay for certain medications that use to be covered.
I picked up one medication for a family member and the cost with insurance was $500 for a 30 supply. Can you believe it? I can’t. So Washington elected officials, stop wasting your time fighting over who has the better plan and throw them all out! Someone isn’t doing their job! And that goes for Washington all the way down to our local officials. Start fighting for the people instead of amongst yourselves. Work together to get the job done regardless of Party politics.

Human Trafficking and Prostitituion….It still exists … Cases of Sex trafficking are still being exposed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
The 2009 Human Trafficking bill and prostitituion bill has worked to expose the sexual predators in their efforts to make Rhode Island the prostitituion sex ring of the North East. Rhode Island’s dirty little secret has been exposed and it will help many young people who are victims of sexual predators in this state.

Blaming the Media! Lets admit it! You cannot have it both ways, Governor Raimondo! You cannot go on all the radio shows and media outlets and then bash them for asking you questions! This week, the Governor was put on the spot for comments that she made at Brown University where she blasted all media outlets in Rhode Island making it sound like they are confrontational with her in their approach. This is all part of being in public office, so she better smile and say Thank you instead of crying foul.
Just saying….