What’s in…What’s out..9-15 … PawSox show,Airport thrives,Irma kills,Google loses..


What’s in…


The PawSox Stadium… appears to be in play this week as the legislative hearings started Thursday night at the State House. Union members and various members of the public showed up to voice their approval or opposition. The PawSox got many supporters to show up for their quest to receive 38 million in state and city funds to build their new stadium. If the general public is against this proposal, you sure couldn’t tell from the hearings on Thursday night. They were outnumbered by a vocal group of supporters who are union organized. It’s obvious the Senate panel supports the endeavor as one of the Senators even took a cell picture of Larry Lucchino as he was speaking. Mayor Grebien has made this his priority and is receiving support from five other Mayors including the Mayor of Providence. The next meeting is at Tollman High School on September 26th. But it looks like it’s already home run for the Pawtucket team.

T.F. Green Airport will host a job fair at the Radisson Hotel on 2081 Post road on Thursday, September 21st from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. With four new airlines coming to the airport, help is needed and this is a great opportunity. Applicants will have to meet background check requirements.
We need more job fairs like this! Kudos to the Airport Corporation for showing us all how it’s done!

What’s out…

Hollywood Hills Nursing home…lost 8 patients due to the heat and dehydration caused by loss of power in Hurricane Irma. How sad that this nursing home didn’t have the brains to take these patients across the street to the neighboring Hospital. There is no excuse on earth for this negligence and it proves how vulnerable our Seniors really are. For shame on this nursing home for calling themselves health care professionals.
Wake up America! Our Seniors deserve better than this!

Florida devastation….Hurricane Irma has ravished Florida this week and caused us to reflect of how in a minute things can change. Florida sustained winds of 145 miles an hour causing homes to be destroyed, loss of life, no power, no gas, and pure devastation. Our hearts and prayers go out to our friends and family in Florida as all of us have in some way a connection there. Let’s hope Washington sends the much needed help to Florida and works together for the people. Hurricane season is not over yet and we cringe as we cannot even imagine another storm coming our way. Heavily hit Jacksonville, Marco Island and the Florida Keys will take a while to recover. But the people of Florida are resilient and will rebuild and endure because they are the sunshine state and known for their love of their state.

North Korea launched another missile…He’s at it again, and this time he launched a missile headed for Japan. Kim Jon-yun has made it clear that he is out to destroy Japan and the United States. What happens next is anyone’s guess. The sanctions passed made no difference to this dictator who seems to have a death wish.

Cassini Spacecraft ends… After a 20 year mission to explore Saturn, NASA has stated that the Cassini spacecraft will end its mission by crashing into Saturn. Six moons were discovered as well as pictures of Saturn that were breathtaking. We still don’t know is life exists there but are left with evidence that it very well could. Beam me up Scottie!

Google lawsuit.. It seems Pay equity isn’t practiced at google as it’s been said that they pay their female employees less then their male counterparts. Three former google female employees have filed a lawsuit. No, it’s not a surprise! Women still are not paid the same as their male counterparts! When will it change? If more women keep filing lawsuits to stop the injustices of employers who still don’t get it !





What’s in…What’s out..9-9… Irma irks, PawSox hearings, Assembly returns and Tax woes…


What’s in…What’s out… this week…

What’s in…

Hurricane Irma is making its way to Florida….after battling its way through Cuba and the Islands….millions were evacuated in Florida and are heading North. The Carribean islands were devastated leaving catastrophic damage. South Florida is bracing for the worse scenario as the storm surge and wind poses a major threat to South Florida. The sunshine state has been dealt an impossible dilemma with no where to go. Airlines were totally booked, shelters already overcrowded, highways jammed, gasoline and bottled water shortages prevail and residents are in a panic. The West coast of Florida seems to be the target and we fear for our friends and family members who are there during this storm. Could it be more scarier? I don’t think so. Our prayers and thoughts remain with everyone effected by this storm.

PawSox hearings …..The legislative hearings are all set for the proposed new PawSox stadium for Pawtucket. Residents throughout Rhode Island will have the opportunity to express their views at the Senate legislative hearings at various locations throughout the state. Will the public show an interest or will apathy prevail?

The General Assembly returns on September l9th….to deal with the bills that were tabled when they recessed a few months ago. So what bills will we see merge as they return? Look for passage of a paid sick leave bill mandating sick days for employees, the domestic violence gun bill and maybe a few surprises.

What’s out..,

What’s out…So former Mayor Joe Paolino is seeking a tax break on his property in downtown (100 Westminster st) due to his claim of deteriorating conditions in Providence. Crime, homelessness and decay were his arguments for requesting a tax break. These conditions in Downtown Providence are not new. They have been around for years.
Why is now different, when so many of us are living in Providence with the same conditions? Many were in a position to change the conditions of Downtown Providence over the years, including Paolino, but never did.
A new vision for Downtown Providence is needed to make it thrive. And so is a new vision needed for our embattled neighborhoods. I love our city and know it can be done. But it will take hard work and not personal economic interest to do the changes that need to be done. Our neighborhoods need to be safe as well as our Downtown. People shouldn’t have to fear walking their neighborhoods because of gun shots or gang activity. Downtown providence shouldn’t be a haven for fights and routy nightclub fights. We have seen the some unwelcome changes in our neighborhoods that we do not need. Nightclubs, sports bars and gangs do not belong in our neighborhoods. It’s time for residents to speak up and ban together. What goes in Providence, spreads to the rest of the state. And so, it begins.

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“Houston we’ve a problem”… No truer words were spoken this week..
How many times have we heard astronauts confer from space with NASA by calling them Houston in times of trouble and glory. This week America watches as our beloved Houston is hit with horrific Hurricane Harvey leaving devastation and death in its path. We as Americans know Houston as being the center of NASA operations and a stronghold in the state of Texas. Now America watches as relief and rescue efforts are underway. How can a city that America has looked up to for so long be so devastatingly effected by this storm? Fifty days of rain and flooding has turned much of Houston into a lake with cars, homes, trucks, and vehicles buried in water. Donations are being made to the Red Cross , Salvation Army and the Hurricane Relief Fund to help Houston in their time of need. President Trump has donated $1 million dollars of his personal money to aid in the relief as well as actress Sandra Bullock. It will take years to fix the devastation an destruction. Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow Americans in Houston.

Tearing down confederate statues…. No matter how hard one wants to rewrite history, they cannot. Tearing down statues and monuments cannot change the past and only causes more unrest for the future…

Massachusetts lottery winner in powerball….Mavis Wanczyk has won the $758 million dollar prize! Congratulations to her and her family. She played the birthdays in her family. Good for her and enjoy!

New Plans for Kennedy Plaza….Mayor Elorza has announced a new plan to renovate Kennedy Plaza by eliminating the bus stops there. Revising the travel plans and adding new routes, added lighting and a pedestrian walk are just some of the renovations in the works. Let’s hope or the best for this troubled area in Downtown Providence which once was a main transport area in years past.

Providence schools. In an effort to fix our public schools with much needed renovations and construction improvements, the Mayor has announced his plan to seek money to improve our schools. This is so needed and wanted by the community. How can we expect our children to learn in deteriorating conditions? Let’s hope the schools get the improvements they need.

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WBRU radio is changing formats…WBRU radio which been operated by Brown Students since 1966 will now be a Christian music station as of September 1st. The radio signal sold for $5.6 million much to the dismay of many who grew up listening to alternate rock music for years. Stay tuned it isn’t over yet,the legacy may move on…

UHIP Crisis almost a year old…Hard to believe this debacle is still going on. More hard to believe while some are not paid, others are being overpaid. So, how long is it going to take to fix? How about some introduction of legislation asking for more accountability and penalties to those who were responsible for this “UHIP UNFOLDING”. While so many suffer from this crisis, including homecare casualties, government still marches on playing its fiddle like Nero when Rome was burning. Election time is coming this year folks. If you are fed up, get up! Run for office or at least vote and become involved in your community. Change is in the air,
and it smells good.