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What’s In… What’s Out

What’s In…

Providence Giving Meters… In an attempt to help the homeless in our city, Mayor Jorge Elorza has proposed a solution of “giving meters” in the city. 10 parking meters will be installed at various locations in the city to
take collection of monies to be donated to the homeless. The plan is to donate to agencies serving the homeless in Providence, and not individuals. Each meter will cost $1,000 to be installed. This is done in other large municipalities in the country. Only time will tell if it will work out here and how the money will be collected and distributed.

Free Tuition at CCRI… RI students are lining up to receive free tuition that was promised by Governor Raimondo in this year’s budget proposal.
It remains to be seen if all our students will be able to take advantage of
this proposal and just how it will work out in years to come. Let’s hope it is done fairly and equally for all.

Narragansett Town Beach…This must be one of the nicest beaches in Rhode Island. That’s why it’s so crowded and so hard to get a parking space. If only all our beaches had sand and water this clean. Yes, you pay
to park and you pay to get on the beach, too! I think beaches should be free to Rhode Islanders even if it is a town beach. A day at this beach could cost you a slight fortune if you are a family of 4 or 5.

What’s Out…

Beach Blanket Bingo… As I stated above, you have to pay to park at RI
state beaches. Thi
s should never be. Summer is such a short season and we should be able to enjoy our beaches for free. On top of that, the
parking is like a game of beach blanket bingo. You need to get there earlyin the morning to park and get a good spot on the beach. Only to find that someone comes along at 1pm and parks their blanket on top of yours
with their loud radio and cigar. It’s hot, it’s sticky, and I can’t believe the nerve of some people when they are at a public beach. Diapers on the sand, food, garbage thrown around on the sand and cigarette butts everywhere.
We are the Ocean State – but you would never know it by the way people treat our ocean. And, we’re paying for this. Just saying.

Healthcare… As I write this this week I become increasing aggravated
the way our seniors are treated in the healthcare system. Recently I have
seen the plight of our senior population who need healthcare in the hospital
and nursing homes and it is not pretty. Our elderly are treated like pawns when
they are sick. No one to advocate for those who have no family or who are alone.
And for those who have families who try to advocate for them, they are ignored
by the system. Our seniors work all their lives only to give their life savings to
nursing homes because we have a Medicaid system that doesn’t pay. We may live in the richest country in the world – but it sure is the cheapest. The next time you see your Congressman out having dinner and drinking the finest wine ask him if his healthcare includes coverage for long term illness or
rehabilitation after 20 days. Same question goes to the union representative
you vote for and pay dues to as a union member. When the bargaining is all
said and done, do you really have the health coverage you relied on all those years ago, when you started your job? I doubt it. Shame to the complacent individuals in this state and country. We could learn well from China, who treat their elderly with respect, something that is long gone from the American way.

Home front Health care services…abruptly closes. How can this happen? An agency serving over 500 homebound sick closes. Advocate Nicholas Oliver laid blame on the Governor, Assembly and the UHIP debacle for slowing down Medicaid payments. Those of us who have loved ones who depend on that care are outraged and discussed. The politicians in this state should pay as much attention to this as to their fundraising! Maybe then we could get some results!


What’s in…What’s out ..8-4 Budget blooms, motor voter,text bullying and more….



What’s in…What’s out…

What’s in…

State Budget… the RI State budget finally passed Thursday with little fanfare and notice by the public. Sometimes I wonder if apathy is so prevalent that people really do not pay attention. I have asked several people complaining about the state, at gatherings and outings, who their State Representative or Senator is and no one knew. When asked they mentioned names of former council people or others who had not been in office for years. It seems strange but true. People really are so unaware of what goes on around them. But they will pay attention if their taxes go up or if the new budget effects their way of life in some way. For example, if fees or taxes increase and they have to pay more, they will pay attention.
I say this because it is so important to listen and watch. Yes the budget finally passed after a month long silent rumble which was negotiated in private. The public will learn what was agreed upon and the terms of this “so called “agreement “ or “ deal” within the following months. Stay tuned and be aware because it’s your money.

Motor Voter Registration Is law… Under new RI law, when you register your car, you will also be registered to vote unless you opt out. Now, we know many will not opt out and the voter lists will plummet. I still think this will have no bearing on getting the apathetic out to vote. But it will ensure that the ones who are politically motivated are registered. But then again, wouldn’t they have registered on their own anyway?

Facebook live lives… If you are a Facebook user, you may have seen that Facebook live is being used by local Television Channels 10,12 and six to report news, do promos, and give highlights and weather. The technology used is professional and the settings are casual and clear. And you can even type in a comment and they will respond to you live. It’s a new technology that rocks. Really it is so upbeat and the sets are great!
However, we see many others trying to establish Facebook live with little fanfare, poor sound and repetitive substance. It’s like watching a low budget horror film. But I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery, even if it doesn’t cut the ice!


What’s out…

Teen suicide on the rise… sad to say that experts are say smart phones are causing a rise in teen suicide because of social media use.
Children are getting cell phones at an early age and clearly are using social media to identify and find themselves. While smart phones and social media are a heartbeat of our lives today, they can also be a deadly weapon to enforce depression and heartache.

The example is clearly demonstrated in the court case in Massachusetts of
Michelle Carter who was found guilty of manslaughter in the suicide death of Conrad Roy III. Texting can be fatal in so many ways. This woman has ruined her life and was found guilty of texting her former boyfriend to encourage him to commit suicide. What have we come to? Clearly this woman has serious mental problems and is now out on appeal. A fifteen month sentence was rendered down but the victim’s family is furious.
Parents have to be more vigilant of their children in what they are doing and who they are doing it with. As a child, I remember the kids who were the bullies and how miserable they made it for the weak and vulnerable children.
The bullies have now found a new way to bully by texting and using social media. I call it “ Bullying by Cell” and it is done to the most vulnerable and week by the cowardly bullies who wouldn’t do it in person. It may be time for stricter laws regarding bullying abuse. But it certainly is time for Parents to be more vigilant. New times, new methods, new restrictions are the only way!