What’s in…What’s out…7-28-17 ..Waterfire..Budget Blues, Rocky Point.. All the President’s men..


What’s in…

Water fire 🔥….water fire continues to be the main attraction in Providence…creator Barnaby Evans of Providence probably never envisioned his creation of fire on the water to be a major production in Providence.  In the early days of water fire , we were treated to calm music with a peaceful serene setting.  I attended water fire last week and realized the changes that have taken place.  The city was a maze of street closings, food trucks , outdoor tables, and flashing lights. There were many boats in the water, something that was new to me, and the hustle and bustle of the waterway was not serene.  It was a big difference from the original setting that water fire was famous for.  I have always loved waterfire and thought of it as a classic example of the renaissance of Providence.  Please let’s not make it a carnival of lights and distractions for the thousands of people who attend.  Let’s not lose the ambiance that made it so popular.

Rocky Point Memorial Park…Who doesn’t remember our nostalgic Rocky Point park? Much money is being spent on the memorializing of  “what has been” instead of what could be at Rocky Point.  I’d like to see a family oriented Park emerge where families can gather to enjoy restaurants, outdoor activities and the beautiful scenery it was once know for.  I want to envision what could be, not remember what once was and can never be again.  So, leaders in this state should make a plan to preserve the memories but create new ones.

What’s out….

Budget Standoff…In what appears to be a political standoff of who has more power..The standoff continues. What’s even more unbelievable is that no one is speaking out against the standoff.  All politicos in office are quiet.  These are times when one has to rethink of who they supported for their State Representative or Senator and if they are representing us or themselves.  Time for all of us to rethink and remember in November.  I am.

Washington brass….The ongoing healthcare debacle in Washington… let’s get it together Congress… you can’t work together for the people! Shameful behavior by all regarding this health care issue.  Americans need this to be resolved and a bipartisan compromise needs to be passed to help Americans and keep them in a healthcare system.

All the Presidents men…It seems the staff of the President and crew are not getting along.  Well, who are we to talk? We have it going on here in little Rhody.  Power plays by men and women who feel they are untouchable in their positions.  This country has seen the worse behavior ever of their national elected officials and local as well.  When will it end? It will end when the people remember in November!

Amusement Park And county fair rides…scary to think that you go on a thrill ride and it ends up being a horror trip! The latest casualties were in Ohio on a thrill ride that sent occupants flying through the air.  How many people have to get hurt before stricter laws are passed about these carnival rides? Let’s protect our children from harm and start being more careful about amusement park safety.









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