What’s in…What’s out..7-21-17


What’s in…What’s out

What’s in…

An end to the RI Budget standoff…in what seems reminiscent of a standoff between the House of Representatives and the Senate Chamber, is a glimmer of hope. The Senate President is poised to consider going back to pass the State Budget and the House Speaker is happy he’s considering passage without the car tax amendment. The Senate could be back as early as next week, pending getting a quorum together. After all, it is vacation time and many have made plans. Usually a 48 hour notice of convening a quorum is required. So what will happen if the Senate returns to pass the budget? Budget passage will ensure that the House of Representatives will return at a later date to pass bills which were left on the desk. Also in play, could be overrides of bills that Governor Raimondo vetoed. Will the much debated contract bill that was supported by the powerful teacher unions but opposed by the local mayors and leaders resurface for an override? Stay tuned.. it may get even hotter at the State House and there is no air conditioning in the Chambers!


Stages of Freedom..Ray Rickman’s Stages of Freedom opened last night at 10 Westminster street in a new location. Ray has worked hard to bring this project to fruition to educate others about Black history and culture. One of the closest projects to his heart is teaching black children how to swim. Kudos to Ray for keeping it real! Stop by the new location and please support our kids in this very important effort to keep them safe!


OJ Simpson paroled…In what was a televised parole hearing short of being called reality TV, OJ Simpson was paroled Thursday after serving nine years in prison for robbery charges of his own memorabilia. Simpson plans to move to Florida and looks forward to reuniting with family and friends. It’s time for OJ to move on and keep a low profile. This may be hard to do but it will be he only way for him to stay a free man. Regardless of what you may believe about the Simpson murder trail, you have to remember that Simpson was in jail for robbery and found not guilty on those murder charges. Lawyers have stated that nine years in jail for robbery was a steep sentence that he served in Nevada. Who knows what’s in store for OJ but one thing is for sure, we have not heard the end of him.


What’s out….

Cancer…In 1974 Richard Nixon declared war on cancer! Alas, here we are in 2017 and Cancer is rampant. The latest public victim of Cancer is Senator John McCain, who has been diagnosed with brain Cancer. We can all agree that McCain has served this country well with class and tremendous courage. I wish him well and pray for his recovery. And now is time for Congress to put more funding and efforts into Cancer cures and preventative testing.
What’s it going to take for Congress to wake up and smell the Cancer in this country?

Traffic Cameras…At least 20 new traffic camera locations will be added in Providence bringing the total to 45 traffic light cameras. The proposed new locations will be in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Providence mostly Broad and Westminster street locations. This may be a revenue making ordinance but how much money is the city really making? In the last two years the city has brought in $1.8 million and $1.3 million. The city is hoping to increase this amount with the new additional cameras.

Parking Meters…on a recent visit to a popular Federal Hill Bakery, I was greeted by parking meters on Spruce street. What a shame that our “renaissance city” has decided that we need to greet retailers with parking meters, especially during the summertime when tourists and visitors are frequenting our city. This certainly deters business retail and development and drives shoppers to other areas with free parking.





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