What’s in..What’s out…7-15-17 .. Governor’s conference, water fires, Budget Blues, Healthcare Woes…

IMG_0056What’s in…

The National Governor’s conference….is showcasing Rhode Island this week. On stage is Providence and Newport premiering the best of both cities to approximately 30 Governors and over 2,000 guests.  It’s a who’s who extravaganza of guest speakers on Friday including Vice President Mike Pence and Canadanian Prime Minister Trudeau. Conference guests will enjoy receptions at the State House, Providence Performing Arts Center, Waterplace Park and a clambake in Newport. Water fires 🔥 will be lit to entertain all the dignitaries and their guests.  Every politico in the state has been invited and security is tight. It will be interesting to see the Providence Journal’s breakdown of expenses and where the money is coming from! Governor a Gina Raimondo premieres  as Rhode Island’s first Woman Governor! Let the celebrations begin!

Local TV stations, WPRI (10), WJAR(10) WLNE (6)…have started live Facebook news promos and weather.  You can now see news headlines and weather live on Facebook! The technology and sound is clear and professional, making it easy to watch! Kudos to these local stations for being even more accessible to news viewers.

What’s out…

The ever changing world of Healthcare… It’s scary to think that we place our lives in the hands of others so many times when we need a Hospital or medical care.  The ever changing status of Healthcare has made us frustrated and worried over what’s to come.  Increased prices in medicines, lack of home care for our most vulnerable and overcrowded hospitals  have become the status quo.  Nursing homes are overcrowded and hard to get in to unless you are lucky to get a room.  Our loved ones who need rehabilitation on a 24 hour care , are stuck with a system that favors the wealthy and the connected.  It’s expensive to get 24 hour care and pocket breaking if you need a nursing home.  Will it ever change? While all or dignities and elite are enjoying lobster, drinks and water fire, our most vulnerable are sick and suffering and wondering if they will be taken care of tomorrow. So instead of fighting in Washington over who met who in the last election campaign, please get moving and do something for all the people who need it. ” The “Let them eat cake attitude is getting a lot overdone in this country”.  It’s time for changes across the board! It starts with you! Vote early and make sure you know who you are voting for and if they are representing your interests, not theirs.


The General Assembly Budget Standoff…while people may think it is good for the Budget not to be passed, it is indeed costing cities and towns money.  Losing state aid for our cities and towns, will only cause repercussions in the times ahead.  It’s amazing to me that not one of our State Representatives Or Senators (not in leadership) has voiced an opinion publicly on this stalemate! Where does your local Rep or Senator stand? Meanwhile, I can say this to you all! In 1998, when I co-sponsored the original Car Tax Phase out plan, there was no such ammendment tacked on it and the General Assembly had no problem stopping the elimination of the car tax phase out repeatedly by freezing it and by stopping it completely. It seems like a lifetime ago, but things were better than, Egos were there but not like today where they are displayed as a badge of courage.  I have to say, I have never seen anything like this and people should be contacting their state Representatives and Senators.  Remember election year is right around the corner!


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