What’s in, What’s out this week….. read it here…

IMG_3595What’s in…What’s out…

What’s in….”

Operation Stop the flow” broke up a major drug ring in Providence that was operating throughout Massachusetts. Thirty individuals were arrested for distributing fentanyl and heroin. Kudos to the Providence Police Intelligence Unit and Organized Crime Unit for cleaning up a major drug ring operating in Providence after a ten month investigation.

Pope Francis…gave an audience to President Donald Trump and his family this week at the Vatican. Pictures were posted of the first family looking very pious all dressed in black and the women wearing veils. It turns out the Vatican advised the first family of dress protocols before their audience.
Pope Francis continues to be the “People’s Pope” by reaching out to all.

Councilwoman Sabina Matos...takes over the helm as the Acting Council President of the City of Providence after the Council President resignation of Luis Aponte. Will there be an election soon to permanently name a Council President? Some members of the City Council rumored to run are Councilwoman Matos, Councilman David Salvatore, Councilman Nick Narducci and Councilman Terence Hassett. Stay tuned this list is growing!

What’s out….

Paw Sox legislation….As I predicted last week, the Paw Sox legislation is on the back burner for this legislative session. The Senate Leadership has stated that there is not enough of time to give it a proper look after Governor Gina Raimondo gave a cool reception to the proposal. But let’s be fair a bill was never submitted in its proper form for the Governor or Legislature to look at. One has to ask this question, ” What was Mayor Grebien and the Paw Sox waiting for? It should have been submitted at the beginning of the legislative session, not the end.
My guess is that the votes for this legislation just aren’t there!

Terrorism at the Ariana Grande Concert….22 people died and 59 were injured at a Ariana Grande concert in Great Britian this week leaving us all stunned and angry. How can this terror continue and when will it stop? These senseless tragedies are killing the quality of life worldwide leaving us all to fear what will happen next.

The Governor’s free college tuition plan seems to be in jeopardy. With a $134 million shortfall in the budget, its prospects look dim. The cutting of social programs is never a priority of the legislature and will draw sharp criticism from those in need and advocates. It will be interesting to see if this tuition proposal will proceed.v


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