What’s in..Whats out March 24, 2017 this week..


What’s in… What’s out…

What’s in… Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed is leaving the Rhode Island Senate to take a top post with the Hospital Association of Rhode Island. As of May 1, 2017, she will accept the Presidency of the Hospital Association of Rhode Island (HARI), a non-profit which assists member hospitals to meet the needs of health care for Rhode Islanders. For many of us who have worked with Senator Paiva Weed, it is considered a loss to our state. Personally, I always found Senator Paiva Weed to be sincere, realistic and to have a good ability to listen to all sides. This is so very Important in the General Assembly because of so many conflicting opinions. It is indeed a loss to the women of the Senate, also, but as I recall the women in the Senate were always treated with the utmost respect from their fellow Senators. A high-ranking Senator once told me that the Senate treats their women as ” goddesses”, something that made me laugh but realized was truthful because the women move up much more quickly in the Senate than the House of Representatives. Senator Paiva Weed will be an asset to the Hospital Association of Rhode Island because of her diplomacy, her knowledge of the system and her good heart. I wish her well on her new endeavor and hope she succeeds in her new position.

Bill Lynch hired by RI Democratic Party …Former RI Democratic State chairman Bill Lynch has been hired by the Rhode Island Democratic Party to be a watchdog and spokesman against the Trump Administration according to the Providence Journal. His salary will be paid by the state Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party and is a part-time position. One has to wonder if this is preparation for the upcoming gubernatorial campaigns which could include both primaries and general elections. Rumors are flying about who could be running for Governor in a Democratic primary against Governor Gina Raimondo. Names mentioned include Clay Pell IV, Attorney General Peter Kilmartin, and Brendan Doherty. The list keeps growing for rumored Republican contenders for governor, including Cranston Mayor Alan Fung, Giovanni Feroce, Ken Block and Scott Avedesian. By the end of this summer, the list will grow and then the campaigns begin. Didn’t we just go through all of this?

What’s out….

GOP Health bill looks like it’s on the way out… The Republican health care bill is receiving a cool reception in the House and is now postponed for a vote on Friday. Failure of passage could be a major setback for Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump. Tensions are high in Washington now and everyone is worried about their healthcare coverage. And how the changes will affect us. Let’s hope there is light at the end of this tunnel for the millions who will be affected if this bill isn’t done to help those who need it.

The University of Rhode Island and the Providence College Basketball teams… may have lost their bids in the NCAA basketball tournament but they played aggressively and greatly. Rhode Island has a great love for basketball and both teams didn’t disappoint us. It was great to hear the newscasters on a national level talked about both teams being driven with enthusiasm and talent. Kudos to all the players and coaches. You made us proud!


What’s in…What’s out… this week.. zeppole,license plates, bring on spring!



What’s in…What’s out…

What’s in….

March Madness! It’s here…and for all you basketball fans in Rhode Island it started out by including two of our great teams, Providence College and the University of Rhode Island. Providence college started out with an impressive lead on Wednesday night but failed to hold on. The P.C. friars are always a favorite and March Madness will not be the same without them. I still hold on to the memories of the Final Four dream team of Marvin Barnes, Ernie DeGregorio and Kevin Stacom. Those were the days! Best wishes to URI in their upcoming games. We are all glad and proud these two teams got to go to the dance!

Zeppolle…are in this week as we get ready for St. Joseph’s day. My neighborhood is host of the best bakeries for zeppole. Deluise Bakery on Chalkstone avenue and LaSalle Bakery on Smith street are famous for their delicious zeppole. Whether you choose baked or dried, you are sure to enjoy the creamy delicacy. And if you want to combine St. Patrick’s and St.Joseph day, you may want to try an Irish cream zeppole from La Salle Bakery. Oh! they are all so good!

Car Tax versus Free Tuition…The battle between Governor Gina Raimondo and House Speaker Nicholas Matiello has just begun! Will the state see an amended budget with a little bit of both initiatives in it? Or will the House Speaker prevail with a full car tax phase out plan? The hearings have begun and only time will tell but you can be sure of one thing, it won’t be dull!

What’s out….

No new license plates ..no new slogan…Governor Gina Raimondo has announced there would be no new license plates or slogan for Rhode Island in the near future. With the “Cooler and warmer fiasco”, I guess that they don’t want to chance spending more money on new slogans. I still like the “Ocean State” on our license plates with the wave. But in this day and age, we are seeing so many different paid plates, that it really doesn’t matter. So far the special license plate parade goes on including: the Plum Beach lighthouse, Breast Cancer awareness, Red Sox plates, N.E. Patriot plates, Autism Awareness plate, Bristol 4th of July, to name a few. If you don’t like your Rhode Island plate, you can always purchase one of the above charity plates. Happy plate hunting!

Winter is on the way out…we hope…it’s been lousy cold snowy weather and then ground hog was right. But Monday is the first day of Spring and we are wishing for brighter sunnier and warmer days. Along with spring comes Easter, the smell of freshly mowed grass, longer daylight hours and spring flowers. Also on tap is the release of the Rhode Island State House Budget and its amendments or changes. City budgets will be revealed as well which will show possible tax increases if proposed. Stay tuned and stay informed to see where your taxpayer funds are going.
Bring on spring!🐰

Whats in…What’s out…3-3-17



What’s in…What’s out…

What’s in….

The St. Patrick’s day parade kicks off in Pawtucket this Saturday at 11:00 Am with a 5-kilometer road race that is that will take place on the parade route. The parade starts at 12:00 noon from McCoy stadium and will travel to City Hall on 137 Roosevelt avenue. There is also a party at the Pawtucket armory featuring music, food and vendors. Here’s hoping for a bright sunny day to enjoy the festivities.

Rhode Island has highest taxed vehicles in United States….According to a new study by WalletHub, Rhode Island’s vehicles are the highest taxed in the country. This information was released in its 2017 Property Taxes by state report. This is no surprise to any of us, especially not to me. Over twenty years ago, I introduced the a car tax reduction bill in the General Assembly. And in 1998, the Legislature passed the Car Tax and motor vehicle elimination act. It was suppose to be phased out in 7 years. It kept getting postponed each year and finally the phase out plan was stopped permanently in 2010. It’s time to get it back on track. Call your legislator today if you believe it should be phased out. Let’s tell the car tax to hit the road once and for all!

Voter fraud in Cranston? ...Cranston Mayor Alan Fung informs us that police are investigating 8 instances of voter fraud in Cranston and that irregularities will be reported to the Attorney General’s office. My question is “What will happen then?” We have been hearing about this for years but nothing ever happens. Definitely there needs to be changes in the absentee ballot system as well as cleaning up the voter list itself. It needs to start now, not next year.
What’s out…

The Pleasant Valley Parkway bridge near Valley street….It seems this bridge has been closed forever. For the many Rhode Islanders that use it daily, I must ask the question inquiring minds want to know. “When will this bridge open”? I am always driving by and there is no activity there or people working on it. It’s been dormant for months now. Let’s hope it can open soon because it is such an inconvenience to all who travel that route.

Driving under the influence.…A terrible story out of Warwick where an 8 year old died Wednesday as a result of a DUI crash. Jahmeere Valles-Holloway died from injuries he received while he was a passenger in the car driven by Justin Preston of East
Providence. Preston was charged with DUI causing serious bodily injury, driving to endanger resulting in injury and driving with a suspended license. Family members of the little boy said they had been concerned about Preston’s drinking. This is a tragedy for the family and a wake up call to all who drive while intoxicated. An innocent life was lost because of this case of alledged drinking while driving.