Joanne’s Journal: Does star power influence your vote?

Yesterday, two singer superstars campaigned for Hillary Clinton on opposite sides of the country. Katy Perry wearing a T-shirt saying “Nasty Woman” stomped in Las Vegas telling young voters to get out and vote for Clinton.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus campaigned in George Mason University knocking on doors to promote Hillary Clinton.

First and foremost, I must say this is not about me supporting any candidate or being against any candidate.  I write to express disgust in our country’s election priorities.  Why is it that politicians think we are so dumb that we have to be told who to vote for?  I personally do not care who the stars in Hollywood or the music industry supports.   They set no example for me or my loved ones.  They have never walked in my shoes or lived my life to earn the right to tell me or anyone else how to vote.

But there is a deeper concern here.  Our young people are being courted by star power who really have set no example to our young people publicly.  With all the morality lectures being delivered in this election, it is hypocritical for any candidate to flaunt  these stars to win the young vote, especially when the stars flaunted haven’t been role models for our youth.

This is a shout out to the people who are appalled at the behavior  and words of candidates in their past.  You can’t have it both ways folks.  You can’t say you support women and are appalled by their degration with words or actions, and then have stars who have been known to be controversial and downright outrageous in their behavior. Is this the message we want to get out to our young?

Are we saying that it’s okay for the stars to set any example they want, but we the common folk have to watch what we say because we will be held accountable for it in the future?

If you want to set up standards for behavior as a candidate, that’s fine, but be consistent or your platform fails and becomes a farce.


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