Saving Columbus Day!

Federal Hill on Columbus Day!


Yesterday, the community of Federal Hill in Providence celebrated Columbus Day with fine food, music and good old fashioned family fun.

This tradition is a symbol of the Italian community of our culture and heritage.  The sweet smell of sausage and peppers,ravioli and meatballs reminds us all of Italian Sunday dinners with our loved ones.  We reminisce as we celebrate our Italian heritage. The Federal hill community admirably and proudly hails as “The Little Italy of RI”.

Yet there are some, who would like to end the celebration of Columbus Day because they feel Christopher Columbus was a racist! Let’s face it, we weren’t taught that in school!  We were taught that he discovered America!

While I leave you to your own opinion, I would be remiss if I didn’t state how important Columbus Day is to the Italian American community.  It is a celebration of our history and also a showcase of our family traditions.  We cannot afford to lose this tradition as so many things in our lives have disappeared.

The Italian American community has the right to celebrate the great history of  their ancestors who came to this great country with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  They laid the cobblestones in the squares and paved the streets to preserve their quality of life and prepare the future for all of us.

Let us not forget their contributions to America by destroying their Columbus Day festivities. I continue to salute the merchants and people of Federal Hill who preserve our Italian heritage and customs.

I also stand with them in their efforts to preserve Columbus Day and I am proud also to be Italian American.  By looking at the crowded picture of people attending Federal Hill festivities yesterday, I see I am not alone.  img_2800





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